Customer Relations

Guiding Principles and Actions

Guiding Principles:

  “To develop products and services of excellent quality; providing customers with the utmost level of satisfaction”


- To conduct an in-depth and comprehensive research, analysis, evaluation and reflect customers’ needs, expectations and desires (from the economic, cultural, politic, social and artistic perspectives);

- To undertake research, design and invest in development of the highest quality products and services, to best cater for customers’ demands and bring customers absolute satisfaction;

- To build up the corporate culture based on the “Customer-centred” guideline, every activity of the Company and its staff aims at the ultimate goal of satisfying customers’ needs and demands, to make assessment and adjustments from customers’ perspective;

- To formulate principles of communication and behaviours towards customers for staff, which specifies their obligatory functions, tasks as well as standard behaviours;

- To implement customer care programs with a wide range of attractive and practical contents to guarantee and increase customers’ benefits;

- To proactively establish and implement (and to constantly accompany customers) in community-oriented philanthropic social programs and enviromental protection programs, etc.