Human resources

Human resources

At Vingroup, depending on each specific position, there will be separate compulsory standards, but all members meet the requirements: have professional qualifications, determination to develop careers, have a sense of responsibility and a high sense of discipline. Managers at the Group are the ones who fully develop the core values ​​of Vingroup: "CREDIBILITY - INTEGRITY - CREATIVITY - SPEED - QUALITY - HUMANITY", expressing enthusiasm, strong bravery, dare to think, dare to do, dare to take responsibility, have good organization and management capacity. For senior management positions, recruitment requirements are quite strict with mandatory standards of work experience, logical ability, quick judgment, effective analysis and problem solving. Those members have formed a strong team with the same goal as the general development of the Group.

Vingroup employees always have drastic initiative and creativity in labor under the leadership of sensitive leaders, capable of both flexible and methodical corporate governance, creating the Vingroups prestige and class in the market.

Under the leadership of the Group, the people of Vingroup always bring with them their own culture. The culture is full of humanity, love and discipline; built and cultivated by the intelligence and ceaseless creativity of the staff.

Through the long journey of growth and development, it is the people of Vingroup who have made good values, contributing to the success of the Group today.